Membership is limited to international residents in Jiangsu Province.

Full Year Membership Fees (Sept 1 -  Aug 31)
Family -   RMB 1400
Couple -  RMB 1200
Single -    RMB 1000
Student - RMB 200

Half-Year Membership Fees (Feb 1 - Aug 31)
Family -   RMB 700
Couple -  RMB 600
Single -    RMB 500
Student - RMB 100



Joining NIC is a great opportunity to meet people near and far while enjoying engaging Lectures, hands-on arts, learning Chinese Culture or cooking classes.  Attend elegant, fun and unforgettable dining, the magical Winter Ball, BBQ, wine tasting and parties!  Exploring the town and nice places in China on organized Day or Weekend trips.

There are clubs such as Mahjong, Book Club, Kinder Ventures and Fine Arts and more.  

Members also benefit from discounts in shops and Restaurants and contribute to support local charities. Also look forward to the use of NIC's famous Taxi Cards!